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  • Avoid Overlap Violations

    Learn some tips on how to always know who's around you to avoid Overlap violations.

  • Stay in Rotation

    Learn more about Serve Receive, Switches and Transitions and Substitutions while staying in Rotation.

  • Bring it All Together

    Learning how to think through Rotations while off the court will help you keep in Rotation while on the court.

Course curriculum

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    • 6-2 Rotation Introduction and Strategy
    • Overlaps and Violations
    • Serve Receive
    • Switches and Transitions
    • Substitutions
    • Bringing It All Together


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Eric Sato

Expert Volleyball Coach

Eric Sato

Known as the best defensive specialist in the world in the late 80's and early 90's while playing for the USA National Team, Eric Sato is a two-time Olympic medalist winning Gold in 1988 and Bronze in 1992. After his successful playing career, Eric turned his attention to coaching. Eric has coached girls and boys teams for over twenty years, leading his teams to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) division and state championships. He is a highly sought after clinician and can be found coaching in the greater San Diego area. Read more about Eric on our About Us page.