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    Learn the proper fundamental form for serving, blocking, setting, passing and setting. Eric shows you how best to position your feet and body for maximum impact and safety. Bad habits are hard to break, learn the proper form now. This is is for any player who is looking to start playing volleyball or wants to review their form.

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    While we'd love to see you in So Cal, now you can learn from anywhere you play without having to travel! You can practice form and drills in your own home, or take us to the gym and work through the progressions with Eric on your mobile device or tablet!

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    Our courses are grounded in the science of learning. Content is brief, targeted and engaging to help you retain what you learn. Each learning module has a memory check to help you remember key points. The more you can learn off the court, the more you remember when it counts on the court.


Eric Sato

Expert Volleyball Coach

Eric Sato

Known as the best defensive specialist in the world in the late 80's and early 90's while playing for the USA National Team, Eric Sato is a two-time Olympic medalist winning Gold in 1988 and Bronze in 1992. After his successful playing career, Eric turned his attention to coaching. Eric has coached girls and boys teams for over twenty years, leading his teams to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) division and state championships. He is a highly sought after clinician and can be found coaching in the greater San Diego area. Read more about Eric on our About Us page.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Volleyball!

    • A message from your instructor
    • Before we begin...
  • 2

    Fundamentals: Serving

    • Underhand Serve
    • Underhand Serve Memory Check
    • Standing Float Serve
    • Standing Float Serve Memory Check
  • 3

    Fundamentals: Pass-Set-Hit-Block

    • Passing
    • Passing Memory Check
    • Spiking
    • Spiking Memory Check
    • Setting
    • Setting Memory Check
    • Blocking
    • Blocking Memory Check
    • Serve Receive
    • Serve Receive Memory Check
  • 4

    Simple skill progressions

    • A few notes about these drills and progressions
    • Simple Setting Drills
    • Constructing the platform drills
    • Passing Progressions
  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • Before you go...

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